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The owner of this house in Glasgow had a new rear extension built and found the floor of the extension to be several centimetres lower than the existing kitchen floor.  She then had the new kitchen installed and found the worktops to be too high for comfortable use.


We screeded and smoothed the original worn stripwood floorboards in the old kitchen and then created a ramp running from the top of the floorboards down to a feather edge in the new kitchen to eliminate the sudden drop in levels from the new to old floors making the change in levels hardly noticable.


We then supplied and installed 18mm wbp plywood which we pre-drilled and countersunk; and then power screwed to the existing floors involving a total of around 1,700 screws before overlining this with 6mm flooring grade plywood to provide a smooth clean surface.  Finally we supplied and installed Karndean Art Select Range, colour Spring Oak, a 3mm thick vinyl all of which resulted in raising the height of the floor by a total of 27mm.  The owner reported that she found the worktops far more accesible and easier to use.


Above: Photo taken from the original kitchen area looking over the ramped section of floor to the new extension.