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Do you undertake sub-contract work?

No sorry we do not carry out sub-contract work or third party work for facilies contractors etc.  We are however happy to carry out works for small local building/joiner/plumbing contractors etc, who are long established and fully experienced.


Do you accept invitations to tender?

No, sorry we do not accept or price tenders emailed to us.  We are happy to come out visit the customer (end user) at their premises and survey the area free of charge.


Do you do domestic work?

Yes.  We specialise in industrial and commercial work but we can supply and install a range of LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and are happy to supply and install slip-resistant flooring in wet rooms etc.  


Do you carry out small repairs?

Yes, happy to!


Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we are happy to provide estimates, advice and samples free of charge or obligation.


Do you provide competitive prices?

Yes we have been involved in competitive tendering for 30 years and always assume that the customer is getting at least one other comparative price (most clients look for three comparative prices) for the flooring work they require.  We further assume that if we do not submit the cheapest price on the first instance the customer will go elsewhere which means we always submit the best price we consider possible for the work first time, no messing around.


Are you a member of a trade organisation or federation?

No, we are a small independent company established in 1979 with 40 years experience.  Many reviews and references as well as photographs of our work can be viewed on this site and on our Yell.Com listing.


Are you insured?

Yes, our insurance documents are available to view on this site.


Do you prepare the floor?

Yes unless there are structural problems we normally undertake the preparation of the subfloor with latex screeding and/or overlining with sheet plywood.   If you look through the photographs of our work on this website it can be seen that the floors are smooth and flat the way they should be.  Basically the floorcovering that you lay will only ever be as good as the floor that its laid on top of.