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Entrance Matting - first impressions

The strategic use of entrance matting in buildings

creating 'Clean-Off-Zones' for the protection of adjacent areas,

can drastically improve the performance and appearance retention of

interior floorcoverings and reduce maintenance costs


Campbell's Prime Meats,

Broxburn, Midlothian.


The Entire Entrance Foyer is covered in Rawson's Dominator dirt-barrier carpet tiles.  

The abrasive surface scrapes the soles of shoes clean as visitors walk into the building.  

The matting also combines with Rawson's Freeway carpet and aluminium nosings on the stairs

to create a modern, attractive look and ensure a good first impression on visitors.

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John Paton & Son Ltd


Sep 10 2009


"A very professional, high standard of workmanship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iona flooring services."


Stewart Shanks M.D