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Residential Flooring - Bield Housing, Uddingston



The Entrance Areas are covered in Rawson's Dominator dirt-barrier carpet tiles to create an extensive 'Clean-Off-Zone' for the building.  The abrasive surface of the tiles scrape clean the soles of shoes (and the wheels of trolleys and wheelchairs) as visitors and tenants enter the building, providing considerable protection to the carpets in the adjoining corridors and flats.



The stairs are laid in a needle-punch cord carpet creating a warm and quiet stairwell at an economical cost. White nosings were used to ensure that the leading edge of each step is highlighted, an important requirement for tenants, especially for those with partial sight.

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The corridors are laid in an attractive

loop-pile carpet tile.  Carpet tiles allow for easy installation and replacement, an important consideration in busy corridor areas.

Laundry and other wet areas


The Laundry is laid in Marley Safetread anti-slip sheet vinyl, curved up the walls and with heat welded joints to ensure a water-tight finish.

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